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serba sedikit pasal aku

Foto saya
nuRuL SyAhAnA Bt sHaMsUdDiN | 27 NoV 1991|sAgItTaRiUs| | kEdAh->pErAk>kEy eLL|TMn dEsA/BnGsAr aReA. | Have a partner |YEAH, IT's ME| /suka SaKaT OrG(my frenz said) /sombong?I DuNt tHiNx sO (to those i get made into) /NoT pretend to be innocent even when I'm wrong /do whatever it takes to get what I want (he..he..) /once I been treated bad, I'll make ur life suffer /i love cat/pretty choosy with people /wealth is the prime priority for me(NoT mAtEriAl OKeY!) |PEOPLE I ADORE| * Perangai gila2 * Behave in good manners when in public(uNlY mE cAn DO!:P) * Fashionable * Non-smoker * Have same hobby as me * Can be trusted most of the time(NoT Kwn MKn kwn!) * Cool/rElAx |PEOPLE I GIVE A FUCK TO| # Gedik2 yg melampau # Selekeh # Back-stabbing(i hate hipokrIt pEoPLe!) # Take advantage from me # Pinjam duit x bg balik # Sissy 'guy' x sedar diri(bAjEt bGuZ La..) # Often pissed me off # A stalker # A weirdo..

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